LLP "Engineering company "MunaiGas"


MunayGas Engineering Company provides a full range of engineering services for the creation of Lease Automatic Custody Transfer System (hereinafter LACT), from design to implementation and further support; it makes maintenance of various LACT units in accordance with current regulations in vigor on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The system of lease automatic custody transfer is designed to measure automatically the amount of oil by direct or indirect method of dynamic measurements, as well as to determine automatically oil qualitative characteristics.

The system is used for commercial or operational accounting and for settlement operations of receiving and delivering crude and commercial oil at oil and gas facilities in accordance with current regulations on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


  • Automatic measurement of oil gross weight.
  • Automatic calculation of oil net weight
  • Automatic measurement of oil density, moisture, salt, sulfur content, and of viscosity, temperature, pressure, pressure drop in the filters.
  • Automatic and manual sampling of oil.
  • Remote and local pressure, temperature, pressure drop measurement in the filters.
  • Control of the metrological characteristics and performance verification of flowmeters on standby-and-control, mobile or fixed PPP.
  • Automated (remote and local) or manual control of shutoff and stop-control valves.
  • Remote and local control of tightness of shutoff valves.
  • Automatic adjustment of oil pressure at the outlet collector of LACT.
  • Automatic flow control at operational measuring lines and in the line of quality parameters measurement.
  • Collecting leaking and drainage of the equipment and pipelines (by way of a separate closed drainage system with remote and local oil level measurement).